Chipsey Still

George Elliott Design

This design is intended to look like a modern scotch still. I designed it to be mounted on a wall behind a bar or to just sit on the bar or counter top. The holder is made from walnut. The Actual still is made from hand blown glass. The glass has two jackets; one for Scotch and one for water. The spigot has two valves that allow you to pour either Scotch or water.

The name Chipsey Still comes from one of my closest friends a huge supporter of my work and a avid scotch drinker like myself. No his real name isn't Chipsey and no I cant tell you why we call him Chipsey. But I will tell you that he worked very hard to get that nick name. I designed and built this for him after a very very very long (drunken) talk about scotch being better with a little bit of the water from the stream that the distillery uses to make their scotch. Some day we will put that theory to the test but for now tap water will have to do.  

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