Flint ( Solid Cherry)

George Elliott Design

This wall mounted chiller connects to a wall by a cleat that anchors straight into a wall stud. This piece is approximately 68 1/2" L x 16" W x 8" D made from solid cherry wood lightly stained and poly coated. The top and the bottom of the piece holds 6 bottles of wine or liquor of your choice. The bottles are held in place by precisely angled holes that allow the bottles to rest evenly on their necks. The body holds six wine glasses (includes white or red stemware); The middle is a chiller that is separate from the stand which allows for easier mounting of the chiller case. After the chiller is placed in the mounted piece it's then secured by one screw to the back of the box. The stainless steel container has one piece of black glass on the front of it to add a softer element. To operate: Pull out the container, add ice, add water, and place the pump in the container as you put it back into the chiller. When you turn it on the water flows over the bottle evenly which chills the wine in 8 minutes.


$ 800.00

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